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People at High-Tech Gruenderfonds

Markus Kreßmann – Investment Director Proxy


Information- and Communication Technology


Extensive experience in business development, company-wide IT systems and sales and Distribution.

Following his training as an Industrial Manager, Markus Kreßmann studied Economics at the University of Göttingen and graduated as a Diplom Kaufmann.

2002 - 2007

Manager with a management consultancy specialising in project and portfolio Management.

1997 - 2002

Experience gained in venture capital and financial control and in a number of his own internet Enterprises.


Collinor Software (Exit) ConWeaver EcoIntense eddyson enercast enexion grandcentrix NFON ondeso Product Value Systems (Exit) Propertybase Protected Networks softgarden (Exit) SSP Europe


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Telefax: +49 – (0) 228 – 823000 – 50