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6 Wunderkinder (Exit)

6 Wunderkinder develops and distributes web-based software for different platforms that makes it easier and more effective to collaborate with each other.

Exit since May 2012.

In portfolio 16. Dec 2012 – 24. May 2012
Brunnenstr. 141
10115 Berlin

Amedrix (Exit)

Amedrix develops & produces three dimensional implants (gel and liquid) based on collagen. Focus: treatment of articular cartilage damage in human an horse and other promising application areas. CE-mark for the cartilage repair product is granted & successfully used in patients.

In portfolio 01. Dec 2009 – 15. Jul 2013
Schelztorstraße 54-56
73728 Esslingen

AQ Implants (Exit)

The core competency of AQ Implants GmbH is the endoprosthetic reconstruction of severe and complex defects and anomalies. With the development of innovative implant systems AQ Implants GmbH provides surgeons with various surgical options to reconstruct a wide variety of defects.

Under the brand name REVISIO they offer a complete range of implants for the treatment of revision and tumour cases, from easy revision cases to modular-complex defect treatments.

In portfolio 29. Aug 2011 – 18. May 2012
Kurt-Fischer-Straße 22
22926 Ahrensburg (Exit)

Multilingual language portal, including dictionaries, language quizzes, language games and a vocabulary trainer. Wiki-style approach allows users to collaborate.

Exit since April 2015. Purchaser: Oxford University Press (OUP).

In portfolio 29. Aug 2008 – 16. Apr 2015
Alter Fischmarkt 5
20457 Hamburg

bentekk (Exit)

bentekk develops gas measurement instruments for detecting toxic pollutants in industrial applications.
10x faster measurements at lower total cost enable regulatory compliance and increase workplace safety.

Sector: Metrology
Added to portfolio 18. Mar 2016
Kasernenstraße 12
21073 Hamburg

bitstars (Exit)

bitstars GmbH has developed a SaaS platform technology that enables customers to set up their own augmented reality (AR) applications. Focus was laid on very intuitive usability and joy of use. The platform enables users to create applications meeting their specific requirements with little effort. These applications can be managed and used in multiple end user devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

Exit since September 2016.

In portfolio 18. Jun 2014 – 30. Sep 2016
Hanbrucher Straße 40
52064 Aachen

CCI Custom Cells Itzehoe (Exit)

Custom Cells manufactures customer-specific acculumators and intermediate products based on lithium technology.

In portfolio 06. Aug 2013 – 09. Aug 2017
Fraunhoferstraße 1b
25524 Itzehoe

Collinor Software (Exit)

According to market surveys Collinor IRP is one of the leading Project Management Systems in the Enterprise Area and due various interfaces (above all to SAP) specially designed for midsized and big companies.

Added to portfolio 27. Feb 2007
Ubierring 11
50678 Köln

commercetools (Exit)

commercetools offers an eCommerce API development platform that enables future commerce business models. Administer, develop and deploy your commerce project through a flexible cloud solution

Exit since August 2014. Purchaser: REWE Digital.

Sector: e-Commerce
In portfolio 07. Sep 2006 – 28. Aug 2014
Adams-Lehmann-Str. 44
80797 München

Comnovo (Exit)

More efficient industrial processes enabled by enhanced safety: Comnovo develops and markets a new radio-based warning system to reduce the accident risk for collisions between persons and vehicles, in particular for forklifts and wheel loaders.

In portfolio 30. Oct 2014 – 30. Jun 2017
Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Str. 13
44227 Dortmund

Compositence (Exit)

Compositence, a University of Stuttgart spin-off, offers innovative platform technology combining the fully automatic and low-cost mass production of composite components with maximum flexibility in the fibre architecture.

Exit since January 2017.

In portfolio 07. Jun 2011 – 27. Jan 2017
Mollenbachstraße 25
71229 Leonberg develops LifeTime - The easy smartphone connection to doctors
LifeTime enables doctors and patients to easily share health data via smartphone - even offline. The LifeTime-system consists of two components: Lifehub - a piece of connective hardware for doctor’s offices and hospitals and the LifeTime app for patients. By bringing their smartphone close to the LifeHub patients can share relevant information for the treatment with their doctors or take medical findings and other documents with them on their smartphones.

In portfolio 17. Dec 2015 – 17. Aug 2017
Beerenweg 1f
22767 Hamburg


CONTROS provides sensor systems for detecting dissolved CO2, hydrocarbons and methane in water for up to 6,000m. These systems find their applications in Offshore risk management (platform safety, leak detection, blow out prevention, etc.), general oceanographic research such as greenhouse gas studies as well as the exploration / exploitation of methane hydrates. One major future challenge is the monitoring of CO2 sequestrated oil and gas deposits.

Exit since March 2015.

Sector: Metrology
In portfolio 17. Dec 2007 – 23. Mar 2015
Wischhofstraße 1-3
24148 Kiel

Corimmun (Exit)

Corimmun is a drug-developing biotech company which focuses on personalized medicine in cardiovascular diseases. We concentrate on innovative peptide and biological drugs in indications with unmet medical needs.

Exit since June 2012.

In portfolio 29. Dec 2006 – 22. Jun 2012
Fraunhoferstr. 17
82152 Martinsried

Cuciniale (Exit)

Cuciniale develops and markets intelligent cooking assistence systems enabling everybody to cook ingeniously easy like a Chef.

Added to portfolio 29. Feb 2012
Heuriedweg 65
88131 Lindau am Bodensee

Cumulocity (Exit)

The mission of Cumulocity is to make mobile machine-to-machine applications profitable for all businesses through ready-made, cloud subscription services.

In portfolio 27. Dec 2012 – 27. Mar 2017
Schiessstraße 43
40545 Düsseldorf

Dresden Silicon (Exit)

Exit since August 2007.

Sector: Semiconductor
In portfolio 23. Nov 2005 – 01. Aug 2007
Eversbuschstr. 29
80999 München

EcoIntense (Teilexit)

EcoIntense is developing a comprehensive, web based information system for environmental management and occupational safety. The technology and the modular set-up allow to master the manifold challenges in these fields with one single system.

Added to portfolio 28. Feb 2008
Friedenstraße 91a
10249 Berlin

EnShape (Exit)

EnShape GmbH develops, produces and sells highly accurate and very fast 3D sensors, which simplify manifold automation task or even make such possible for the first time.
Purchaser: Cognex

Exit since October 2016.

In portfolio 05. Mar 2015 – 27. Oct 2016
Moritz-von-Rohr-Straße 1A
07745 Jena


Entelios is Germany’s first Demand Response aggregator and solution provider, pooling electrical loads of commercial and industrial energy users. Entelios builds and operates „virtual power plants“. Entelios markets the aggregated capacity to grid operators or provides Demand Response services to utilities.

Exit since Feb. 2014. Purchaser: EnerNOC, Inc.

In portfolio 19. Jan 2011 – 13. Feb 2014
Claudius-Keller-Str. 3c
81669 Munich

evoxx technologies (Exit)

evoxx technologies GmbH, a German Industrial Biotechnology Company, is focusing on the development and production of industrial enzymes and novel carbohydrate ingredients produced by enzymatic bioconversion. With its proprietary enzymes and carbohydrate ingredients, evoxx is active in high growth markets addressing consumer needs in the Global Food Health & Wellness Sector and Consumer Products Markets. Product development is based on the proprietary technology and patent platform covering the whole value chain from early enzyme and process development to industrial scale production and product deregulation. evoxx industrial partners and customers benefit from the unique metagenomics libraries, the enzyme and carbohydrate development skills and tech-transfer and production capabilities. evoxx is located on the Creative Campus in Monheim am Rhein and on the Biotech Campus Hermannswerder in Potsdam.

In portfolio 22. Aug 2007 – 01. Aug 2017
Alfred-Nobel-Straße 10
40789 Monheim am Rhein (Exit)

B2B software for easy and fast flight booking and management.'s mission is to make it as easy as possible to find, book and manage flights via web and mobile. The ideal travel companion for the professional frequent flyer. sorts flight itineraries by stress - weighted by cheapest price, duration and stop-overs. The top search results are the best itineraries, always. Flights are presented on a time table to identify uncomfortable flights as easy as possible.'s focus is to provide the most simple booking process ever.
Purchaser: Hogg Robinson Group

Sector: e-Commerce, Travel
In portfolio 14. Apr 2015 – 23. May 2017
Singerstr. 109
10179 Berlin

FIDLOCK (exit)

Development, manufacture and marketing of patented magnetic closure and coupler technology for a variety of applications where a high degree of comfort and function is in demand.

Sector: Access
In portfolio 14. Sep 2007 – 25. Sep 2017
Dragonerstraße 32
30163 Hannover

FTAPI Software (Exit)

FTAPI®SecuTransfer is a platform-independent software suite. Easily transfer files of any size with end-to-end encrypted across company boundaries.
Main products:
- revolutionary secure e-mail extension
- (S)FTP/ MFTP replacement

Exit since Feb. 2014. Purchaser: QSC AG.

In portfolio 04. Jan 2012 – 24. Feb 2014
Stefan-George-Ring 24
81929 München

GeneQuine (Teilexit)

GeneQuine Biotherapeutics is a biotech company focused on the development of gene therapy-based drugs for treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. In the lead program GeneQuine develops drug candidates with potentially disease-modifying activity for treatment of osteoarthritis.
In 2017, one of GeneQuine's lead candidates was acquired by the US pharma company Flexion Therapeutics Inc.

Added to portfolio 12. Oct 2012
Harburger Schlossstraße 6-12
21079 Hamburg

gestigon (Exit)

gestigon develops software solutions for skeleton tracking and gesture control on the basis of 3D depth data for the markets consumer electronics and automotive offering a B2B licensing model.

Exit since February 2017.

In portfolio 10. Dec 2012 – 27. Feb 2017
Maria-Goeppert Straße 9a
23562 Lübeck

H.C. Carbon (Exit)

H. C. Carbon develops and produces tailor-made products, which allow to replace metals by plastic materials. Further application is possible for paint/varnish, lubricant and production of batteries.

Exit since June 2015.

Sector: New Materials
In portfolio 12. Aug 2009 – 26. Jun 2015
Ziegelstraße 7
91126 Rednitzhembach

ICE Gateway (Exit)

Lighting as a Service: Intelligent lighting with M2M (Machine to Machine) services in outdoor sector with focus on Information, Communication, Energy efficiency (ICE).

Exit since November 2016.

In portfolio 31. Oct 2013 – 28. Nov 2016
Technology Center Adlershof
12489 Berlin

Industrial Solar (Exit)

Industrial Solar concentrates on the enormous market for the generation of process heat and specialises in providing industrial solutions including the air-conditioning of large buildings by using its innovative Fresnel-collector technology.

Exit since August 2011. Purchaser: Centrotec Sustainable AG

In portfolio 25. Feb 2011 – 25. Aug 2011
Emmy-Noether Str. 2
79110 Freiburg

InterMed Discovery (Exit)

InterMed Discovery is a world class Natural Product lead discovery company, driving innovation through the generation of novel product candidates for the life science, food, and cosmetics industries.

Exit since July 2012.

Sector: R & D Tools
In portfolio 30. Oct 2006 – 31. Jul 2012
Otto-Hahn-Str. 15
44227 Dortmund