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Current Startups


Altruja provides social fundraising software that can easily and quickly be integrated into any website. Using this software and Web 2.0, aid organizations and other fundraising institutions like universities, associations, schools, political initiatives etc. can reach new contributors and thereby exponentially increase the amount of funds they raise.

Added to portfolio 21. Sep 2010
Augustenstraße 62
80333 München


Applanga is the product of Mbaas Development Gmbh, operating out of Berlin, Germany. Founded in the midth of 2013 by Christian Stanke und Steffen Römer, Mbaas is focused on developing and selling the Applanga localization platform for app developers. Localization, the translation of software into other languages, is so far a highly manual process that now can be automated with the Applanga platform, making it easier, faster and cheaper to internationalize apps - a matter of days instead of months. With 2.9 million registered mobile app developers and yearly spendings of $11,37 billions for software localization, Applanga covers an attractive market segment with promising revenue potential.

In portfolio 16. Apr 2014 – 18. Dec 2018
Mbaas Development GmbH
Frankfurter Allee 53
10247 Berlin

Asana Rebel

"Asana Rebel - Yoga Inspired Fitness" is a successful growing mobile fitness app. We are an international and dedicated team, based in the heart of Berlin. Our app has been featured multiple times by Apple and Google and is rated as one of the top health & fitness apps, with an average of more than 4.6 / 5 stars. With millions of users and a great vision, we strive to achieve global success. For this journey ahead, we are looking to further build up our team of bright minds and impressive personalities.

A great vision needs great people.

Added to portfolio 28. Dec 2015
Dessauerstraße 28/29
10407 Berlin


casavi offers a digital communication and service platform for property management companies. By connecting landlords, tenants and residential service providers the casavi solution enables more cost-effective customer service processes while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.

Added to portfolio 03. Feb 2016
Sandstraße 33
80335 München


cloudplan develops a software-as-a-service application, connecting PCs and servers of a company to a low cost and highly available data storage network.

Companies can build their private network storage, organize backups and integrate cloud storage without special IT expertise. All network stations are found automatically without further configuration and connect directly, whether on the local network or globally on the Internet.
Companies gain maximum availability and reliability at minimum cost.

Added to portfolio 11. Sep 2015
Dorotheenstr. 48
22301 Hamburg

Code Intelligence GmbH

Code Intelligence enables companies to strengthen the security and reliability of their software. At the foundation of its technology stack the startup utilizes fuzzing, a modern application security testing technology. Through fuzzing a large scale of attack vectors can be tested automatically through pseudo-random mutations of the input parameters, uncovering vulnerabilities as well as reliability issues efficiently and timely.
As useful as fuzzing is in uncovering bugs in software, setting it up and using it properly is time-consuming and requires highly qualified IT security experts. The goal of Code Intelligence is twofold: on the one hand to make security testing experts work more efficiently, and on the other hand to make the security testing process more usable and automated so that even developers without security expertise can implement modern standards.

Added to portfolio 07. Sep 2018
Code Intelligence GmbH
Rheinwerkallee 6
53227 Bonn

Collinor Software (Exit)

According to market surveys Collinor IRP is one of the leading Project Management Systems in the Enterprise Area and due various interfaces (above all to SAP) specially designed for midsized and big companies.

Added to portfolio 27. Feb 2007
Ubierring 11
50678 Köln


Coredinate is a Software-as-a-Service application, that enables service companies such as security, maintenance and cleaning services to do their work more efficiently and safer.

Added to portfolio 20. Jul 2015
Ringstraße 25
D-97215 Uffenheim


We enable leading international e-commerce companies to drive performance in product advertising and paid search globally in more than 20 languages. Our semantic technology automatically creates and optimises millions of tailor-made ads, helping our partners make advertising more profitable.

Added to portfolio 07. Dec 2009
Brunngasse 1
94032 Passau

Cumulocity (Exit)

The mission of Cumulocity is to make mobile machine-to-machine applications profitable for all businesses through ready-made, cloud subscription services.

In portfolio 27. Dec 2012 – 27. Mar 2017
Schiessstraße 43
40545 Düsseldorf

Data Virtuality

Data Virtuality’s data integration solutions enable detailed insights from real time and historical data with any BI tool. By combining data virtualization with an automated ETL engine, customers benefit from reducing their data integration effort by 80%.

Added to portfolio 23. Apr 2012
Katharinenstraße 15
4109 Leipzig


DRACOON is the market leader in the field of enterprise file sharing in German-speaking countries and is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Germany.
The highly secure, platform-independent software is available in cloud, hybrid and on-premises versions and has been described as a 'Leader' by independent top analysts such as ISG. Various certificates and seals such as ISO 27001, EuroPriSe and ULD certify that DRACOON meets the highest security standards. The universal API offers a wide range of applications from data exchange and workflow integrations to secure e-mail communication and the complete modernisation of file services.

Added to portfolio 01. Feb 2010
Galgenbergstraße 2
93053 Regensburg


enexion secures enduring energy procurement cost and risk reductions for industry and medium sized businesses. Based on the innovative IT platform, enexion implements comprehensive energy procurement solutions for clients.

Added to portfolio 02. Jul 2009
Minnholzweg 2b
61476 Kronberg


Within the European Union, all companies working with food products must provide their own complete and traceable hygiene documentation. This is almost always conducted in paper form. However, these checklists throw up a number of risks: they are easy to manipulate, the documentation is fragmented, and instructions for action often arrive far too late. The administrative burden posed by printing, distribution, collection, monitoring and archiving for two to five years presents a major strain for all parties involved.

Flowtify helps in implementing HACCP documents in a complete and traceable fashion in accordance with EU Regulation 852/2004 on tablets and smartphones.

Added to portfolio 27. Oct 2016
Flowtify GmbH
Vondelstr. 35
50677 Köln


FOOBOO runs one of the largest and most active food-communities in the German speaking world. It combines 370,000 members with a database of 57,000 recipes, pictures, videos and menus.

Added to portfolio 23. Sep 2014
Feringastraße 7
85774 Unterföhring

FTAPI Software (Exit)

FTAPI®SecuTransfer is a platform-independent software suite. Easily transfer files of any size with end-to-end encrypted across company boundaries.
Main products:
- revolutionary secure e-mail extension
- (S)FTP/ MFTP replacement

Exit since Feb. 2014. Purchaser: QSC AG.

In portfolio 04. Jan 2012 – 24. Feb 2014
Stefan-George-Ring 24
81929 München


grandcentrix is a quality leading system integrator for Internet of Things, Smart Products and Distributed Ledger Technologies. With more than 150 experts from the areas of embedded development, cyber-physical systems security, IoT cloud platform development and operation, machine learning and frontend development, we work for some of the most renonwed clients in the German market.

grandcentrix is a certified Microsoft Gold Azure IoT Cloud Solution Provider and a Microsoft Cloud Platform Advisor, OPC Foundation member, LoRa Alliance member, Bluetooth SIG member, zigbee Alliance member and Thread Group member.

Added to portfolio 19. Mar 2010
Holzmarkt 1
50676 Köln


Implisense offers a solution for lead generation as well as cross- and upselling for B2B marketing and sales. Their self-developed company index, which is kept up-to-date on a day-to-day basis and stores information about several million companies in Germany is the foundation of their solution. Users can obtain access to this index via a Web-based interface and perform their own customer and market analysis. The solution can compute a target profile based on examples of a user’s existing customers. With the help of this profile the solution can recommend new potential customers as well as cross- and upselling opportunities immediately.

Added to portfolio 08. Oct 2014
Spiekermannstraße 31a
13189 Berlin

incapptic Connect

Error-prone manual labor and frustrating communication loops – to date, large companies need multiple days to publish a new app version. With incapptic Connect it's a matter of seconds: Our software simplifies the data exchange with external developers. incapptic Connect signs automatically with your enterprise's private keys. incapptic Connect is compatible with popular app distribution systems such as MobileIron, Apple App Store and Google Play. It enables large enterprises to move as fast as startups. incapptic Connect saves you money, time, and sanity.

Added to portfolio 05. Sep 2017
Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20
10969 Berlin

Inreal Technologies

Inreal supports the digitalization of presentation and marketing processes for office and residential properties as well as entire areas. Photorealistic and customizable virtual reality tours, online configurators for equipment and room layouts as well as a data analysis module ensure earlier and faster marketing of real estate at the best possible price.

Added to portfolio 01. Oct 2013
Erbprinzenstraße 27
76133 Karlsruhe


IPlytics offers an online-based market intelligence tool (IPlytics Platform) to analyze technology trends, market developments and a company’s competitive position. The underlying big data algorithm enables an intelligent linking, processing and visualization of comprehensive data sources such as e.g. patents, M&A deals, industry alliances or standards. With IPlytics Platform, users can easily navigate, analyze, and drill down into information enabling in-depth market analyses or a long term Monitoring of particular technologies or market segments.

Added to portfolio 18. Sep 2015
Zossener Str. 55-58, Aufgang D
10961 Berlin

Kiwigrid (Exit)

Kiwigrid is an energy management system, which is connecting producers of renewable energy, consumers, storages, electric mobility and the energy grid with Microgrids.
Purchaser of HTGF-Shares: AQTON SE

Exit since December 2016.

In portfolio 26. Sep 2011 – 12. Dec 2016
Kleiststraße 10c
01129 Dresden


Geotagging of fotos: Internet platform and clients for mobile devices.

Added to portfolio 22. Dec 2006
Bültenweg 73
38106 Braunschweig


MEINPROSPEKT aims to be a “shopping-center at your finger-tips”. It contains all your favorite brands. It´s always open, it´s great big and it´s really simple. Offline and online shopping on your personal mobile device.

Exit since July 2014. Purchaser: kaufDA

In portfolio 07. Oct 2010 – 16. Jul 2014
Nymphenburger Straße 86
80636 München


MessengerPeople enables Marketing Automation, Customer Service and Chatbots via Instant Messenger like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and Facebook Messenger.

Added to portfolio 29. Apr 2013
Herzog-Heinrich-Str. 9
80336 München

Mobilversichert (Exit)

Mobilversichert provides a SaaS platform to digitize insurance brokers and facilitate online brokerage. Using a unique combination of broker platform and B2B2C mobile app, insurance brokers get the digital tools to conduct their business in a transforming market. Automatized workflows enable brokers to manage their clients efficiently and smart. With Mobilversichert brokers can tap into new digital clientele while defending their traditional business against digital contenders.

In portfolio 01. Oct 2015 – 18. Feb 2019
Herzog-Heinrich-Str. 9
80336 München


The M-sense app launched by Berlin-based start-up Newsenselab GmbH documents thousands of migraine and headache attacks and analyses what caused them.
As a certified medical product, the software analyses the potential trigger factors of migraines and headaches with the help of Big Data. In the future, it will also offer a personalised prevention and therapy programme that is recommended by clinical partners.

Added to portfolio 20. Nov 2016
Newsenselab GmbH
Blücherstraße 22
10961 Berlin offers market leading background location technology that enables micro targeting. With our SDKs, clients can hyper-personalized marketing campaigns based on user’s favorite places. This enables microtargeting, competitive targeting and store attribution without investing in any hardware. Our offerings include PaaS, DaaS and DMP. With a focus on the verticals Hospitality, Retail, Mobility and Lifestyle.

Added to portfolio 16. Jun 2014
Kantstraße 81
10627 Berlin


PressMatrix offers a gateway for traditional print publishers into the digital world of publishing. We specialize in the digital publishing of journalistic content and support publishers, agencies and companies in aligning their
activities in the field of digital media cost-effectively and profitably.

Added to portfolio 28. Sep 2011
Zossener Straße 56-58
Aufgang D
10961 Berlin

Propertybase (Exit)

Propertybase is the leading cloud-computing CRM tool for real estate companies. The customer base continues to grow globally and includes real estate developers, brokers, and agents in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia.

Added to portfolio 19. Apr 2010
Landwehrstraße 63
80336 München

2560 28th Street, #202, Boulder, CO 80301