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Current Startups


c-LEcta is a company active in the industrial biotechnology field. We develop enzymes and production strains, which are used for the industrial production of drugs, nutrition and cosmetic products.

Added to portfolio 19. Jan 2006
Perlickstraße 5
04103 Leipzig

CCI Custom Cells Itzehoe (Exit)

Custom Cells manufactures customer-specific acculumators and intermediate products based on lithium technology.

In portfolio 06. Aug 2013 – 09. Aug 2017
Fraunhoferstraße 1b
25524 Itzehoe

Compositence (Exit)

Compositence, a University of Stuttgart spin-off, offers innovative platform technology combining the fully automatic and low-cost mass production of composite components with maximum flexibility in the fibre architecture.

Exit since January 2017.

In portfolio 07. Jun 2011 – 27. Jan 2017
Mollenbachstraße 25
71229 Leonberg


Computomics is a spin-off of the University of Tübingen and the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology. Computomics was founded in 2012, when it became clear that a breakthrough in DNA sequencing and the scientific work of its founders would also allow seed manufacturers to use state-of-the-art bioinformatics analysis. Computomics brings customers in green and white biotechnology sustainable economic success by developing stable plant varieties that contribute to a more resource-efficient agriculture that can feed our planet.
Among the co-founders are four experienced scientists (Prof. Dr. Weigel, Prof. Dr. Huson, Prof. Dr. Rätsch, Prof. Dr. Borgwardt), who assist the co-founder and Managing Director Dr. Sebastian Schultheiss in dealing with customer inquiries. In the meantime, the Tübingen-based company employs 12 people and has founded a sales company in the USA.

Added to portfolio 01. Oct 2015
Computomics GmbH
Christophstr. 32
72072 Tübingen


This innovative biotechnology company was founded in 2012 as a spin-out of the Institute for Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster. Cysal is active in the production of biopolymers, peptides, and especially dipeptides. Furthermore, Cysal specializes in developing biotechnology solutions in General.

Added to portfolio 27. Jun 2012
Technologiehof Münster
Mendelstraße 11
48149 Münster

Dust BioSolutions

Dust BioSolutions focus is on industrial applications of so-called biocement. Its team has developed proprietary technologies based upon microbiologically induced calcite precipitation. Its first product applies biotechnology in the worldwide mining industry to control dust cheaper and greener than current methods by turning sand into stone using a bacterial solution.

Sector: Chemistry, Water
Added to portfolio 24. Feb 2015
Am Klopferspitz 19
82152 Martinsried

evoxx technologies (Exit)

evoxx technologies GmbH, a German Industrial Biotechnology Company, is focusing on the development and production of industrial enzymes and novel carbohydrate ingredients produced by enzymatic bioconversion. With its proprietary enzymes and carbohydrate ingredients, evoxx is active in high growth markets addressing consumer needs in the Global Food Health & Wellness Sector and Consumer Products Markets. Product development is based on the proprietary technology and patent platform covering the whole value chain from early enzyme and process development to industrial scale production and product deregulation. evoxx industrial partners and customers benefit from the unique metagenomics libraries, the enzyme and carbohydrate development skills and tech-transfer and production capabilities. evoxx is located on the Creative Campus in Monheim am Rhein and on the Biotech Campus Hermannswerder in Potsdam.

In portfolio 22. Aug 2007 – 01. Aug 2017
Alfred-Nobel-Straße 10
40789 Monheim am Rhein


Hapila's counter-current crystallisation process provides a cost effective procedure for purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients, completed by experience in synthesis and particle design.

Added to portfolio 28. Aug 2008
Otto Schott Straße 9
7552 Gera


Heliatek GmbH, a spin-off of the Technical University Dresden and the University of Ulm. heliatek focusses on research and development and perspectively with the production of organic solar cells for electricity generation.

Added to portfolio 26. Sep 2006
Treidlerstraße 3
01139 Dresden

i3 Membrane

The company i3 Membrane GmbH produces and distributes high-grade steel membranes.

Added to portfolio 15. Jul 2014
Bautzner Landstraße 400
01328 Dresden

intelligent fluids

Intelligent fluids GmbH is designing innovative high performance cleaning fluids for industrial application that are unique in the world. These intelligent fluids® are based on a groundbreaking, patented technology that combines gentle ingredients to create highly dynamic phase fluids tailored to specific needs. The highly effective fluids achieve their outstanding performance due to physical effects, no chemical dissolving or etching takes place. The fluids therefore combine high performance and sustainability.

Added to portfolio 26. Jun 2006
Karl-Heine Straße 99
04229 Leipzig

IQ Evolution

IQ Evolution develops microcooling systems based on the selective laser melting technology for semiconductors used in high power diode lasers. This facilitates a significant increase in the lifetime of those components.

Added to portfolio 12. Jun 2008
Steinbachstraße 15
52074 Aachen


JeNaCell produces biotechnologically generated nanocellulose (BNC) in an IP protected, continuous and automated production process: high quality innovative products for applications in medicine, cosmetics and more.

Added to portfolio 14. Sep 2012
Helmholtzweg 4
07743 Jena


multiBIND develops innovative solutions for molecular biology, healthcare and agriculture. bioDECONT® and bioCLEAN represent biocompatible disinfection and decontamination in laboratories, hospitals and agriculture.

Added to portfolio 27. Mar 2006
Gottfried-Hagen-Straße 60-62
51105 Köln

Multiphoton Optics

Multiphoton Optics develops and sells 3D Laser Lithography Equipment which enables its customers to automate its opto-electronic assembly lines for the production of optical packages. Three-dimensional optical interconnects are fabricated to connect Silicon or III/V Photonic Chips to enable low-cost manufacture of optical packages. The equipment allows to flexibly produce arbitrarily shaped three-dimensional structures with highest precision.

Added to portfolio 28. Oct 2014
Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15
97076 Würzburg

Notion Systems

Notion Systems GmbH develops, produces and markets inkjet, laser and automation equipment for applications in photovoltaics, printed electronics, printed circuit board and other industries. A cost effective platform concept, precise positioning solutions, a large choice of automation solutions and industrial strength sets Notion Systems products apart from those of competitors. It supports its customers with the comprehensive knowledge of processes in the photovoltaics, printed electronics and printed circuit boards industry.

Added to portfolio 04. Jul 2012
Robert-Bosch-Straße 3-5
68723 Schwetzingen


Plasmion GmbH developed an „electronic nose sensor” based on mass spectrometry. This technology is not only revolutionizing chemical analysis in the laboratory environment, but is also intended to provide its performance in an automated sensor system for industrial applications.
Using SICRIT® ionization technology, it is now possible to perform trace analysis of solid, liquid or gaseous samples without any pre-treatment and in real-time. Plasmion’s products are thus used in medical diagnostics, environmental and food analysis as well as in emission monitoring.

Sector: Chemistry
Added to portfolio 28. Jan 2019
Plasmion GmbH
Am Mittleren Moos 48
86167 Augsburg


saperatec has developed an innovative technology to conserve and recover valuable and scarce materials through a recycling process. The firm initially plans to focus on photovoltaic modules and in the long term diversify its business into other areas. The innovative technology will in the long-term be adapted to other areas.

Sector: Chemistry, Recycling
Added to portfolio 20. Jan 2011
Ernst-Graebe-Straße 10
33611 Bielefeld


Subitec has developed a technology platform for the production of microalgae in industrial scale. Parts of the biomass are used for food supplements, cosmetics and feed – the rest energetically as biogas and biodiesel.

Added to portfolio 26. Apr 2007
Julius-Hölder-Straße 36
70597 Stuttgart


Sustainability is the next competitive frontier in many industries. WeSustain has developed a software solution (SaaS) that supports large enterprises measuring, improving and communicating their sustainability performance.

Added to portfolio 30. Jul 2010
Brauereiweg 4
21614 Buxtehude

WPX Faserkeramik

WPX Faserkeramik GmbH significantly improves energy efficiency and product quality in industrial heat treatment processes for metals by providing oxide fiber ceramic components made of patent registered Whipox® high performance ceramics used as refractories.

Added to portfolio 13. Dec 2013
Josef-Kitz-Straße 30
53840 Troisdorf