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Current Startups


With NUIA 4tiitoo has developed a software suite that will make our interaction with computers more natural, more efficient and more intuitive by using gaze, speech and gesture Input.

Added to portfolio 18. Jun 2014
Sonnenstraße 23,
80331 München

bitstars (Exit)

bitstars GmbH has developed a SaaS platform technology that enables customers to set up their own augmented reality (AR) applications. Focus was laid on very intuitive usability and joy of use. The platform enables users to create applications meeting their specific requirements with little effort. These applications can be managed and used in multiple end user devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

Exit since September 2016.

In portfolio 18. Jun 2014 – 30. Sep 2016
Hanbrucher Straße 40
52064 Aachen


With a focus on the development of novel solutions in the field of digital identification baimos technologies offer highly usable and secure systems for the management of access- and user-authentication.

Added to portfolio 28. Aug 2007
Marcel-Breuer-Strasse 15
80807 München

BOX ID Systems

BOX ID Systems GmbH focuses on cross-location tracking and identification technology for supply chains. The company thus takes up the growing demands of its customers from the automotive sector and other manufacturing industries and consistently implements them in its product portfolio. BOX ID is known for its networked tracking sensors, which can be located anywhere and create a digital image of the entire supply chain using an intelligent software platform. Whether in closed rooms or on the road, goods and containers can be tracked throughout Europe thanks to BOX ID Systems. The "smart" tags can also be used to record locations on company premises and in buildings with zone accuracy. This is made possible by a new version of the intelligent BOX ID software, which uses the data from thousands of LPWAN tracking sensors for data acquisition, integrates them and merges them with the customer's data sources. The handling of the software itself is just as smooth: simple usability, universal programming interfaces (APIs) as well as a clear web interface support end-to-end processes without much effort for roll-out or training. Numerous companies from industry, automotive manufacturing and logistics are therefore already among the customers of the innovative logistics digitizers from Munich.

Added to portfolio 27. Dec 2018
Lichtenbergstraße 8
85748 Garching bei München


cloudplan develops a software-as-a-service application, connecting PCs and servers of a company to a low cost and highly available data storage network.

Companies can build their private network storage, organize backups and integrate cloud storage without special IT expertise. All network stations are found automatically without further configuration and connect directly, whether on the local network or globally on the Internet.
Companies gain maximum availability and reliability at minimum cost.

Added to portfolio 11. Sep 2015
Dorotheenstr. 48
22301 Hamburg

Collinor Software (Exit)

According to market surveys Collinor IRP is one of the leading Project Management Systems in the Enterprise Area and due various interfaces (above all to SAP) specially designed for midsized and big companies.

Added to portfolio 27. Feb 2007
Ubierring 11
50678 Köln

Cuciniale (Exit)

Cuciniale develops and markets intelligent cooking assistence systems enabling everybody to cook ingeniously easy like a Chef.

Added to portfolio 29. Feb 2012
Heuriedweg 65
88131 Lindau am Bodensee

Cumulocity (Exit)

The mission of Cumulocity is to make mobile machine-to-machine applications profitable for all businesses through ready-made, cloud subscription services.

In portfolio 27. Dec 2012 – 27. Mar 2017
Schiessstraße 43
40545 Düsseldorf


dotscene GmbH develops hardware and software for the efficient capture of 3D models, with the special focus on mobile 3D laser scanning and mapping for indoor and outdoor environments. Our latest laser scanner development dotcube 600k can be used as handheld device, on drones, and on vehicles. Mobile and flexible data acquisition is enabled by applying SLAM algorithms (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) from the domain of mobile robotics. This makes laser scanning independent of external reference variables such as GPS or specific markers. Based on this technology dotscene creates CAD models, true-to-scale floor plans and facade projections for its customers, mainly from the real estate sector.

Added to portfolio 14. Dec 2018
dotscene GmbH
Nicolas Trusch
Gerberau 11
79098 Freiburg


enexion secures enduring energy procurement cost and risk reductions for industry and medium sized businesses. Based on the innovative IT platform, enexion implements comprehensive energy procurement solutions for clients.

Added to portfolio 02. Jul 2009
Minnholzweg 2b
61476 Kronberg

EnShape (Exit)

EnShape GmbH develops, produces and sells highly accurate and very fast 3D sensors, which simplify manifold automation task or even make such possible for the first time.
Purchaser: Cognex

Exit since October 2016.

In portfolio 05. Mar 2015 – 27. Oct 2016
Moritz-von-Rohr-Straße 1A
07745 Jena


Entelios is Germany’s first Demand Response aggregator and solution provider, pooling electrical loads of commercial and industrial energy users. Entelios builds and operates „virtual power plants“. Entelios markets the aggregated capacity to grid operators or provides Demand Response services to utilities.

Exit since Feb. 2014. Purchaser: EnerNOC, Inc.

In portfolio 19. Jan 2011 – 13. Feb 2014
Claudius-Keller-Str. 3c
81669 Munich


EXTOLL produces network technology for High-Performance-Computing (HPC), spacially self-developed ASIC chips and optical cabels. EXTOLL technology shows unequaled performance and allows a switch-free network-architecture.

Added to portfolio 05. Sep 2012
c/o Universität Mannheim
B6, 26
68159 Mannheim

gestigon (Exit)

gestigon develops software solutions for skeleton tracking and gesture control on the basis of 3D depth data for the markets consumer electronics and automotive offering a B2B licensing model.

Exit since February 2017.

In portfolio 10. Dec 2012 – 27. Feb 2017
Maria-Goeppert Straße 9a
23562 Lübeck


grandcentrix is a quality leading system integrator for Internet of Things, Smart Products and Distributed Ledger Technologies. With more than 150 experts from the areas of embedded development, cyber-physical systems security, IoT cloud platform development and operation, machine learning and frontend development, we work for some of the most renonwed clients in the German market.

grandcentrix is a certified Microsoft Gold Azure IoT Cloud Solution Provider and a Microsoft Cloud Platform Advisor, OPC Foundation member, LoRa Alliance member, Bluetooth SIG member, zigbee Alliance member and Thread Group member.

Added to portfolio 19. Mar 2010
Holzmarkt 1
50676 Köln

HQ plus

HQ plus – the new generation of competitive intelligence for hotels.

Added to portfolio 17. Dec 2012
Claire-Waldoff-Straße 1
10117 Berlin


The immersight® 3D-Showroom is a cloud-based platform for virtual product presentations in stationary, mobile of web applications. Manufactureres can provide all their goods to retailers, who can now present an unlimited product variety through Virtal Reality techology to their customers.

Added to portfolio 14. Nov 2014
Syrlinstr. 38
89073 Ulm

Inreal Technologies

Inreal supports the digitalization of presentation and marketing processes for office and residential properties as well as entire areas. Photorealistic and customizable virtual reality tours, online configurators for equipment and room layouts as well as a data analysis module ensure earlier and faster marketing of real estate at the best possible price.

Added to portfolio 01. Oct 2013
Erbprinzenstraße 27
76133 Karlsruhe

loopline systems

loopline is a software solution for intelligent performance development. The cloud-based application expands the core of Human Resources into a lever of strategic company management, by linking data on the performance, potential and satisfaction of individual employees.

Added to portfolio 06. Oct 2015
Zinnowitzer Str. 8
10115 Berlin

mbmSystems (Exit)

mbmSystems develops a technology for the three-dimensional hardcover presentation of maps and other print media.

Exit since April 2012.

In portfolio 13. Dec 2006 – 19. Apr 2012
Lingnerallee 3
01069 Dresden


metoda provides a tool for e-commerce participants to monitor prices, analyze the market, and optimize the profit. Retailers can also identify new products and plan inventory levels based on actual demands.

Added to portfolio 28. Oct 2013
Bayerstraße 69
80335 München


microDimensions develops and distributes software solutions and services for microscopic image alignment, processing and visualization.

Added to portfolio 11. Dec 2013
Rupert-Mayer-Str. 44 // 64.07
81379 München offers a software-as-a-service for the commercial optimization of local energy concepts – so-called microgrids. This allows industrial and commercial companies with on-site power generation to reduce both, their energy costs and CO2 footprint. The company is supported by the Climate-KIC Accelerator of the European Union and is the winner of the Startup Award 2017 of the auditing company EY. was founded in 2016 by Matthias Karger and Lars Rinn and is based in Frankfurt am Main.

Added to portfolio 13. Dec 2017
c/o GreenTech Hub
Carl-von-Noorden Platz 5
60596 Frankfurt am Main


A well-rounded life science company, OakLabs' singular goal is to support scientific companies and institutions with groundbreaking revelations, perhaps most notably in the realm of drug development, companion diagnostics (CDx) and development of IEC 62304 compliant medical device software.

The skilled team of quantum physicists and biochemists at OakLabs have revitalized the process of drug development with a new and efficient approach to patient selection in clinical trials. Their groundbreaking technique entails the use of an innovative algorithm to develop complex biomarker signatures which can accurately predict (non-)responders for specific drugs with superior accuracy. Not only does this lead to success in clinical trials, it can also help to gain market shares in a competitive environment, offering tangible results for continued market success after approval.

Added to portfolio 28. Dec 2011
Neuendorfstraße 16 b
16761 Hennigsdorf


The ondeso software suite offers tamper-proof, completely documented, release and patch management for computer systems used in production. It minimizes downtime, enhances production safety, enables preventive maintenance and offers optimum control of operational safety.

Added to portfolio 29. Apr 2011
Blumenstraße 16a
93055 Regensburg


POSpulse is the leading crowd based Shopper Insights Intelligence company, providing leading industry segments with more transparency and excellence to better market their products and services. With a panel of mobile shoppers and the proprietary app “ShopScout” POSpulse generates insights along the entire customer decision journey: at home, out-of-home and directly at the point of experience (POE). Thanks to a state-of-the-art analytics dashboard, the results are analyzed by industry experts making sense of shopper data and providing real-time quality and actionable recommendations. Their customers include among others Mondelēz International, Mars Petcare, Media Markt, STORCK and Vodafone.

Added to portfolio 01. Dec 2014
24Insights GmbH
Sonnenallee 223
12059 Berlin

Quentic (Teilexit)

Quentic is one of the leading providers of HSE and CSR software in Europe.The software is suitable for management systems according to ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001. Quentic connects software and people, involves people in a task-oriented manner, and generates enthusiasm for the whole HSE and CSR field – via web browser or app. The solution supports seamless cooperation across departments, locations, and even countries, thereby helping companies to coordinate all processes efficiently and in compliance with legal requirements.

Added to portfolio 28. Feb 2008
Schreiberhauer Traße 30
10317 Berlin


Quobyte’s software-based storage system enables enterprises of all sizes to fulfill all their storage needs with one software-defined and unified storage platform running on off-the-shelf server hardware.

Added to portfolio 30. Sep 2013
Quobyte Inc.
4633 Old Ironsides Dr #150
Santa Clara, CA 94087

Hardenbergplatz 2
10623 Berlin


R3DT provides the most user-friendly virtual reality tool for industrial engineers who want to avoid mistakes in the early planning phase. The VR tool is of interest for design review and approval, e.g. for planning of work and assembly, in product development, in special-purpose machine and plant engineering as well as in technical sales.

With the VR tool, anyone can generate virtual prototypes from 3D CAD models at the push of a button. Thanks to intuitive handling, the models can be experienced in 1:1 scale anytime - also for colleagues and business partners. Consequently, critical design reviews can be carried out together - quickly and anywhere. Elaborate mockups and real prototypes become redundant. All in all, companies save a lot of time and money.

Added to portfolio 17. Sep 2018
Haid-und-Neu-Str. 7
76131 Karlsruhe


Sablono offers innovative software solutions to enhance the planning, execution and controlling of construction projects. With Sablono Onsite, Project Managers, Project Owners and Construction Companies can now report the development of a project on a mobile device and analyse the progress in real-time.

Added to portfolio 02. Jul 2014
Usedomer Straße 4
13355 Berlin