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Current Startups

bentekk (Exit)

bentekk develops gas measurement instruments for detecting toxic pollutants in industrial applications.
10x faster measurements at lower total cost enable regulatory compliance and increase workplace safety.

Sector: Metrology
Added to portfolio 18. Mar 2016
Kasernenstraße 12
21073 Hamburg


Confovis GmbH, based in Jena, has developed a novel technique for fast and efficient 3D optical profiling. The confovis scan modules, for the first time, do not require moving mechanical parts and achieve a unique combination of high speed, compact size and robustness.

In portfolio 21. Aug 2009 – 21. Dec 2016
Hans-Knöll-Straße 6
07745 Jena


CONTROS provides sensor systems for detecting dissolved CO2, hydrocarbons and methane in water for up to 6,000m. These systems find their applications in Offshore risk management (platform safety, leak detection, blow out prevention, etc.), general oceanographic research such as greenhouse gas studies as well as the exploration / exploitation of methane hydrates. One major future challenge is the monitoring of CO2 sequestrated oil and gas deposits.

Exit since March 2015.

Sector: Metrology
In portfolio 17. Dec 2007 – 23. Mar 2015
Wischhofstraße 1-3
24148 Kiel


Cycle develops, produces and markets ultra-short pulse laser technology.
Main product categories are laser-based synchronization, lasers and micro-electronics.

Sector: Metrology
Added to portfolio 06. Jan 2016
Notkestraße 85
22607 Hamburg


dotscene GmbH develops hardware and software for the efficient capture of 3D models, with the special focus on mobile 3D laser scanning and mapping for indoor and outdoor environments. Our latest laser scanner development dotcube 600k can be used as handheld device, on drones, and on vehicles. Mobile and flexible data acquisition is enabled by applying SLAM algorithms (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) from the domain of mobile robotics. This makes laser scanning independent of external reference variables such as GPS or specific markers. Based on this technology dotscene creates CAD models, true-to-scale floor plans and facade projections for its customers, mainly from the real estate sector.

Added to portfolio 14. Dec 2018
dotscene GmbH
Nicolas Trusch
Gerberau 11
79098 Freiburg


Founded in Munich in 2010, fos4X GmbH is a specialist for reliable, fiber-optic measurement technology and sensor technology as well as for innovative data analysis. It develops intelligent solutions for optimizing wind energy. These solutions are primarily used in wind turbines to optimize operation.
The fiber optic sensors and solutions are also used in the fields of electromobility, process measurement technology and railway technology.

Added to portfolio 07. May 2012
Thalkirchner Straße 201, Geb. 6
81371 München


HiperScan revolutionizes the spectrometry: With a microchip and a cheap single detector HiperScan creates new applications like handheld analyzing tools for the mass market.

Added to portfolio 23. Oct 2008
Weißeritzstraße 3
01067 Dresden


Luphos develops and manufactures high-precision optical sensors for quality and process control in industrial fabrication as well as metrology platforms for the quality control of high precision optics.

Exit since May 2014. Purchaser: AMETEK Inc. (NASDAQ: Ametek)

Sector: Metrology
In portfolio 26. Nov 2008 – 30. May 2014
Weberstraße 21
55130 Mainz


Theft of photovoltaik- (PV) modules leads to yearly losses adding up into the millions. The Viamon anti module is an intelligent system, integrated in the connection box of PV-modules, which permanently monitors the solar field and sets off an alarm, in case of theft.

Added to portfolio 29. Oct 2013
Trippstadter Straße 110
67663 Kaiserslautern

ZIM Plant Technology (Exit)

ZIM Plant Technology GmbH sells a user-friendly, long-term stable, non-invasive, telemetry-based magnet sensor technology that measures continuously the water supply of leaves of intact plants with high precision and in real time under field conditions.

Exit since Nov. 2013. Purchaser: YARA

Sector: Metrology
In portfolio 14. Dec 2010 – 15. Nov 2013
Neuendorfstr. 19
16761 Hennigsdorf