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Current Startups

H.C. Carbon (Exit)

H. C. Carbon develops and produces tailor-made products, which allow to replace metals by plastic materials. Further application is possible for paint/varnish, lubricant and production of batteries.

Exit since June 2015.

Sector: New Materials
In portfolio 12. Aug 2009 – 26. Jun 2015
Ziegelstraße 7
91126 Rednitzhembach

i3 Membrane

The company i3 Membrane GmbH produces and distributes high-grade steel membranes.

Added to portfolio 15. Jul 2014
Bautzner Landstraße 400
01328 Dresden

intelligent fluids

Intelligent fluids GmbH is designing innovative high performance cleaning fluids for industrial application that are unique in the world. These intelligent fluids® are based on a groundbreaking, patented technology that combines gentle ingredients to create highly dynamic phase fluids tailored to specific needs. The highly effective fluids achieve their outstanding performance due to physical effects, no chemical dissolving or etching takes place. The fluids therefore combine high performance and sustainability.

Added to portfolio 26. Jun 2006
Karl-Heine Straße 99
04229 Leipzig


JeNaCell produces biotechnologically generated nanocellulose (BNC) in an IP protected, continuous and automated production process: high quality innovative products for applications in medicine, cosmetics and more.

Added to portfolio 14. Sep 2012
Helmholtzweg 4
07743 Jena

KSK Diagnostics

KSK Diagnostics GmbH uses its isothermal amplification technology, KDx rITA®, for the development of molecular point-of-care tests to identify pathogens and antimicrobial resistance within 30 minutes. This significantly reduces the time before therapy is started. In addition to the diagnosis of pathogens, KSK Diagnostics’ point-of-care tests are ideally suited to quickly and reliably clarifying issues related to tumour diagnostics.

Added to portfolio 03. Apr 2017
KSK Diagnostics GmbH
Königstraße 4a
22767 Hamburg


Mecuris enables the individual and custom-made production of orthopaedic aids by means of an intuitive web-based platform and subsequent manufacturing using 3D printing. This includes orthoses (e.g. for stabilising the cervical spine) and prostheses (e.g. artificial limbs), as well as equipment such as covers for below-knee prostheses. Mecuris not only provides orthopaedic clinics and medical supply stores with its innovative platform, but also with a full service package right up to delivery of the manufactured products. Design data is adjusted to a patient’s anatomy in an automated fashion based on digital patient data (CT, scanning, photos).

Added to portfolio 27. Oct 2016
Mecuris GmbH
Ligsalzstr 33.
80339 München


Development of innovative, bioabsorbable products with a focus on medical applications.

Sector: New Materials
In portfolio 11. Oct 2006 – 31. Oct 2018
Mecuris GmbH
Ligsalzstr 33.
80339 München


multiBIND develops innovative solutions for molecular biology, healthcare and agriculture. bioDECONT® and bioCLEAN represent biocompatible disinfection and decontamination in laboratories, hospitals and agriculture.

Added to portfolio 27. Mar 2006
Gottfried-Hagen-Straße 60-62
51105 Köln


PerformaNat GmbH was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the veterinary medicine department of the Freie Universität Berlin. The first product – an animal-feed additive for use with dairy cows – was developed with the help of the EXIST Transfer of Research Grant Program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and it has already been successfully out-licenced. Further products are being developed.

Sector: New Materials
Added to portfolio 06. Feb 2017
c/o Freie Universität Berlin
Malteserstr. 74-100
12249 Berlin

WPX Faserkeramik

WPX Faserkeramik GmbH significantly improves energy efficiency and product quality in industrial heat treatment processes for metals by providing oxide fiber ceramic components made of patent registered Whipox® high performance ceramics used as refractories.

Added to portfolio 13. Dec 2013
Josef-Kitz-Straße 30
53840 Troisdorf