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Current Startups


Blickfeld GmbH was founded in 2016 in Munich and pursues a novel approach to building LiDAR systems for environmental perception of autonomous machines such as autonomous vehicles. By using commercial off-the-shelf and silicon components, Blickfeld has developed and demonstrated a unique technology that can be produced in low-cost mass fabrication and meets the technical performance specifications required by car OEMs. A high resolution and sampling rate is achieved by employing a patent-pending scanner technology which merges the best of both silicon microfabrication and already established LiDAR concepts. This advanced approach closes the gap between today’s high-cost systems and the automotive mass-market needs, and thus enables safe and affordable autonomous transportation.

Added to portfolio 20. Oct 2017
Blickfeld GmbH
Barthstr. 12
80339 München


Confovis GmbH, based in Jena, has developed a novel technique for fast and efficient 3D optical profiling. The confovis scan modules, for the first time, do not require moving mechanical parts and achieve a unique combination of high speed, compact size and robustness.

In portfolio 21. Aug 2009 – 21. Dec 2016
Hans-Knöll-Straße 6
07745 Jena

EnShape (Exit)

EnShape GmbH develops, produces and sells highly accurate and very fast 3D sensors, which simplify manifold automation task or even make such possible for the first time.
Purchaser: Cognex

Exit since October 2016.

In portfolio 05. Mar 2015 – 27. Oct 2016
Moritz-von-Rohr-Straße 1A
07745 Jena


Founded in Munich in 2010, fos4X GmbH is a specialist for reliable, fiber-optic measurement technology and sensor technology as well as for innovative data analysis. It develops intelligent solutions for optimizing wind energy. These solutions are primarily used in wind turbines to optimize operation.
The fiber optic sensors and solutions are also used in the fields of electromobility, process measurement technology and railway technology.

Added to portfolio 07. May 2012
Thalkirchner Straße 201, Geb. 6
81371 München


HiperScan revolutionizes the spectrometry: With a microchip and a cheap single detector HiperScan creates new applications like handheld analyzing tools for the mass market.

Added to portfolio 23. Oct 2008
Weißeritzstraße 3
01067 Dresden

IQ Evolution

IQ Evolution develops microcooling systems based on the selective laser melting technology for semiconductors used in high power diode lasers. This facilitates a significant increase in the lifetime of those components.

Added to portfolio 12. Jun 2008
Steinbachstraße 15
52074 Aachen


PicoLAS develops ultra short pulse current drivers. These enable totally new fields of application for the direct use of diode laser radiation: Marking, engraving, seeding of fiber lasers and other applications where compact and economic laser solution are required.

Added to portfolio 29. Jun 2007
Kaiserstraße 100
52134 Herzogenrath-Kohlscheid

Pulsar Photonics

Pulsar Photonics GmbH was founded in September 2013 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT). The first prototypes were developed with the support of the “EXIST Transfer of Research” scheme as part of the EXIST support programme offered by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The company’s goal is to provide micro-machining production systems featuring lasers that can be set up and utilised as efficiently as today’s conventional CNC processing machines. This enables customers to substantially reduce main and auxiliary process times in production, meaning that the systems can be used for a broad range of applications.

Added to portfolio 12. Jan 2016
Kaiserstraße 100
52134 Herzogenrath