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Lophius Biosciences GmbH is a privately-held biotech company specialized on the development and marketing of innovative T cell-based research tools, contract research solutions and diagnostics using the ELISpot technology for the functional assessment of pathogen-reactive T cells.

Lophius’ experts provide a comprehensive range of services from antigen selection and optimization to immune assay development and therapy monitoring under ISO 9001 quality standards. The continuously expanding portfolio of research tools supports highly standardized and convenient experimental procedures in clinical laboratories.

Combined with Lophius’ immunological expertise to develop diagnostic systems, the company has proven its capabilities by the development and launch of the CE-marked in vitro diagnostic solution T-Track® CMV. Produced in compliance with ISO 13485 quality standards, T-Track® CMV is intended to optimize CMV therapy management in transplant patients.


Dr. Robert Phelps

Robert has over 15 years of business development and licensing experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and holds the Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) credentials. At Lophius he is particularly responsible for technical operations, research and development, and clinical trials.

In his most recent role at SuppreMol GmbH in Munich, he was responsible for the strategic partnering with pharma and biotech companies that ultimately resulted in the EUR 200 M acquisition by Baxalta.

Bernd Merkl

Bernd has more than 15 years of professional experience in the biotechnology industry and a successful track record in the management of fast growing businesses. At Lophius he is in charge of all commercial operations including sales, marketing and product management.

Prior to joining Lophius he held a number of different positions at GeneArt AG and Life Technologies/Thermo Fisher Scientific. Bernd served as Member of the Management Board and Chief Business Officer at GeneArt and since 2012, after the acquisition of GeneArt by Life Technologies/Thermo Fisher Scientific, he managed the GeneArt Centre of Excellence for Synthetic Biology in Regensburg as site leader with more than 280 employees.

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