There are millions of people across the globe suffering from “bone deformities” e.g., limbs or bones of different lengths or scoliosis of their spine. A range of factors can cause these defects: traumatic injury, infections, cancers, and congenital abnormalities. For patients, the deformity may be painful to live with, but the social and psychological stigma can be devastating and can completely wreck their quality of life.


These patients have only a limited range of very painful and inconvenient treatment options – stressful for the patient and their families. For patients with deformed limbs, the most widely used treatment remains limb lengthening with external fixation. While the fixator itself is comparatively cheap, it must be worn for many months, it pierces the patient’s skin and is extremely cumbersome, uncomfortable, and complication prone. The high rate of complications and long sick leaves result in high total treatment costs.

We have used our engineering competencies in the management of smart materials and wireless electronics to create a true disruptive change in treating the above-mentioned patient group. Our first product will be a complete leg lengthening solution. The Synoste Nitinail is an internally implantable device that offers greater patient safety, lengthening control, and convenience; this results in a better patient and cost outcomes. The implantable Synoste Nitinail guarantees patients safer treatment, less infections, and less pain. Synoste means a faster return to work and regaining your quality of life quality.

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11. Nov 2013