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Current Startups

bentekk (Exit)

bentekk develops gas measurement instruments for detecting toxic pollutants in industrial applications.
10x faster measurements at lower total cost enable regulatory compliance and increase workplace safety.

Sector: Metrology
Added to portfolio 18. Mar 2016
Kasernenstraße 12
21073 Hamburg

Bettzeit GmbH

"Sleep Happier" - that is the main goal of Bettzeit according to which the Startup develops and sells products for a better sleep. Key products include mattresses, pillows and boxspring beds under the main brands Emma and Dunlopillo. Bettzeit is one of the fastest-growing tech and e-commerce companies in Europe with over 185 employees from 30 nations at its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. The products are inspiring people in over 15 countries, which are available both online and in many countries via cooperation partners in brick & mortar retail stores. In addition, the products have already won several international awards – as the team has developed their own technologies and continues to work every day to deliver happier sleep.

Sector: e-Commerce
Added to portfolio 14. Jul 2015
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 78
60329 Frankfurt am Main


Biametrics GmbH is a spin-off from the University of Tübingen. This innovative business produces label-free analysis devices for use in clinical diagnostics. Based on the patented technology of reflectometric interference spectroscopy (RIfS), these devices detect interaction between bio-molecules. These small, handy analysis devices are fast, robust and economical, and they are also suitable for mobile use – all the while involving very low detection limits.

Added to portfolio 13. Aug 2010
Auf der Morgenstelle 18
72076 Tübingen

bitstars (Exit)

bitstars GmbH has developed a SaaS platform technology that enables customers to set up their own augmented reality (AR) applications. Focus was laid on very intuitive usability and joy of use. The platform enables users to create applications meeting their specific requirements with little effort. These applications can be managed and used in multiple end user devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

Exit since September 2016.

In portfolio 18. Jun 2014 – 30. Sep 2016
Hanbrucher Straße 40
52064 Aachen


Bitwala is a German FinTech company founded in 2015. Together with its partner bank, Bitwala offers a bank account that combines easy and secure cryptocurrency trading and reliable everyday banking in one place. All trading and onboarding follow German AML and KYC rules and all deposits up to €100,000 are protected by the deposit guarantee scheme of German banks.

Sector: Payment
Website: /
Added to portfolio 18. Mar 2016
Ohlauer Straße 43
10999 Berlin

BLACKBOX Solutions

With its smart tracking solutions, BLACKBOX Solutions GmbH brings light into the darkness of logistics processes - across all delivery routes, warehouses and locations and, thanks to the latest IoT technologies, particularly low-cost and therefore highly efficient. BLACKBOX solutions give industrial companies full transparency over the location and condition of all their goods, load carriers and logistics assets for the first time, enabling them to make their logistics processes much more efficient. BLACKBOX Solutions' end-to-end solutions are designed to manage millions of assets. However, they are also suitable for the particularly low-cost digitalization of logistics processes in SMEs. Numerous companies from industry, automotive manufacturing and logistics are therefore already among the customers of the innovative logistics digitizers from Munich.

Added to portfolio 27. Dec 2018
c/o ACU
Landshuter Strasse 26
85716 Unterschleissheim


Blickfeld GmbH was founded in 2016 in Munich and pursues a novel approach to building LiDAR systems for environmental perception of autonomous machines such as autonomous vehicles. By using commercial off-the-shelf and silicon components, Blickfeld has developed and demonstrated a unique technology that can be produced in low-cost mass fabrication and meets the technical performance specifications required by car OEMs. A high resolution and sampling rate is achieved by employing a patent-pending scanner technology which merges the best of both silicon microfabrication and already established LiDAR concepts. This advanced approach closes the gap between today’s high-cost systems and the automotive mass-market needs, and thus enables safe and affordable autonomous transportation.

Added to portfolio 20. Oct 2017
Blickfeld GmbH
Barthstr. 12
80339 München

Blue Inductive

Our innovative etaLINK technology brings wireless charging to the next level with efficiencies far above 90 %. Based on the principle of magnetic induction, we made innovations in several key areas of the system. Modern algorithms and an integrated communication link to the batterymanagement- system (BMU) guarantees a gentle fast-charging process for the battery.

Added to portfolio 29. May 2017
Blue Inductive GmbH
Emmy-Noether-Str. 2
79110 Freiburg


With a focus on the development of novel solutions in the field of digital identification baimos technologies offer highly usable and secure systems for the management of access- and user-authentication.

Added to portfolio 28. Aug 2007
Marcel-Breuer-Strasse 15
80807 München


Böhner-EH GmbH develops and sells innovative electric-hydrostatic direct drives for a very wide range of applications in machinery and plant engineering, traffic technology as well as renewable energy technology.

Added to portfolio 30. Aug 2010
Fürstenforster Straße 9
96152 Burghaslach


BOMEDUS GmbH is an innovative start-up company in the field of medical devices. Based on latest neurophysiological insights BOMEDUS is developing a combined platform technology that can be integrated into a wide range of consumer products.

Added to portfolio 17. Apr 2012
Jagdweg 4
53115 Bonn


bookingkit is the smart booking solution for activity providers. Despite advancing digitization, the vast majority of activity providers still operate with pen and paper. bookingkit wants to digitize the industry. With its software solution, the company from Berlin helps activity providers to sell, manage and market their experiences.

Added to portfolio 15. Jan 2015
Sonnenallee 223
12059 Berlin


Bunch is a team management platform enabling companies to build, manage, and scale organizational culture with strategic hires and real-time analytics. Bunch’s Berlin-based team combines deep knowledge of organizational psychology with machine learning expertise, and they are building Bunch’s platform to be at the heart of every innovating organization. Bunch sends the strong message that a culture of growth is crucial to success, and proactive management is the best way to stay ahead. The team behind the Berlin-based company is led by Darja Gutnick (MSc. in Psychology), Anthony A. Reo (BA Conflict Analysis & Resolution) and Charles Ahmadzadeh (MSc. Software Engineering) and launched its service in 2017. Bunch is backed by High Tech Gründerfonds, Atlantic Labs, MAKERS and Hyperion Invest.

Added to portfolio 15. Jan 2015
Erkelenzdamm 59-61
10999 Berlin


c-LEcta is a company active in the industrial biotechnology field. We develop enzymes and production strains, which are used for the industrial production of drugs, nutrition and cosmetic products.

Added to portfolio 19. Jan 2006
Perlickstraße 5
04103 Leipzig


C2S2 digitizes corporate policies with an innovative linguistic approach and communicates them via the C2S2® Rulebook Dialogue-Platform, so that employees receive practical decision-making assistance across all regulations. The competence gained in this way helps companies and employees to act responsibly and in line with corporate values and to efficiently minimize risks.

Sector: Legal Tech
Added to portfolio 13. Dec 2018
Willy-Brandt-Allee 18
53113 Bonn

CA Customer Alliance

Customer Alliance is a software-as-a-service solution for hotel review management. Customer Alliance enables hotels guests to write a review after their stay. Hotel can distribute the reviews on the internet an do realtime quality management checks. Hotels save time and money with Customer Alliance.

Sector: Travel
Added to portfolio 22. Mar 2011
Ullsteinstraße 118
12109 Berlin


Capical is the world leading company for contact-free ECG-measurement via capacitive electrodes. The main application areas are drivers state monitoring for the automotive industry and contact-free cardiac monitoring solutions for medical applications.

Sector: In-Vivo Dx
Added to portfolio 27. Jul 2011
Rebenring 33
38106 Braunschweig


Cardior is focused on the development and clinical validation of ncRNA therapeutics for patients with myocardial infarction and heart failure. Cardior aims to market its products in collaboration with a strategic pharma partner after clinical proof-of-concept (POC) data.

Added to portfolio 03. May 2017
Cardior Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1
30625 Hannover


casavi offers a digital communication and service platform for property management companies. By connecting landlords, tenants and residential service providers the casavi solution enables more cost-effective customer service processes while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.

Added to portfolio 03. Feb 2016
Sandstraße 33
80335 München

CCI Custom Cells Itzehoe (Exit)

Custom Cells manufactures customer-specific acculumators and intermediate products based on lithium technology.

In portfolio 06. Aug 2013 – 09. Aug 2017
Fraunhoferstraße 1b
25524 Itzehoe


Cevotec sells the first production technology for carbon composites that works with fiber patches, enabling manufacturers to build complex composite parts in high volumes. As the key technology partner, Cevotec develops and provides production systems, composite design software and offers development services for prototypes and serial products.

Added to portfolio 05. Apr 2016
Boltzmannstr. 15
85748 Garching b. München


ChromoTek focuses on the discovery and development of innovative fluorescent nanoprobes derived from single-chain antibodies from Camelidae (Chromobodies) for applications in research and high-content screening.

Sector: R & D Tools
Added to portfolio 27. Apr 2010
Am Klopferspitz 19
82152 Planegg-Martinsried

400 Oser Ave Ste 1650
Hauppauge, NY 11788


As an innovative service provider, uses the know-how of qualified internet users to flexibly and efficiently process manual workflows in the fields of text creation, SEO texts, translation, online research, surveys, keywording and categorisation. Complex tasks are divided into micro-jobs by, forwarded to the clickworkers and, after being successfully processed under strict quality control, brought back into the whole project.

Sector: e-Commerce, Jobs
Added to portfolio 06. Sep 2007
Büropark Bredeney
Hatzper Str. 34
45149 Essen


cloudplan develops a software-as-a-service application, connecting PCs and servers of a company to a low cost and highly available data storage network.

Companies can build their private network storage, organize backups and integrate cloud storage without special IT expertise. All network stations are found automatically without further configuration and connect directly, whether on the local network or globally on the Internet.
Companies gain maximum availability and reliability at minimum cost.

Added to portfolio 11. Sep 2015
Dorotheenstr. 48
22301 Hamburg

Code Intelligence GmbH

Code Intelligence enables companies to strengthen the security and reliability of their software. At the foundation of its technology stack the startup utilizes fuzzing, a modern application security testing technology. Through fuzzing a large scale of attack vectors can be tested automatically through pseudo-random mutations of the input parameters, uncovering vulnerabilities as well as reliability issues efficiently and timely.
As useful as fuzzing is in uncovering bugs in software, setting it up and using it properly is time-consuming and requires highly qualified IT security experts. The goal of Code Intelligence is twofold: on the one hand to make security testing experts work more efficiently, and on the other hand to make the security testing process more usable and automated so that even developers without security expertise can implement modern standards.

Added to portfolio 07. Sep 2018
Code Intelligence GmbH
Rheinwerkallee 6
53227 Bonn


Codetrails GmbH develops intelligent tools that facilitate knowledge transfer in software development teams. Using Big Data technology, they answer the question: How do I tell the machine what to do?

Sector: Tools
In portfolio 17. Nov 2015 – 15. Jul 2019
Robert-Bosch-Str. 7
64293 Darmstadt


Coinlend GmbH is a Mannheim-based, globally active SaaS company that offers solutions for the automation and optimization of margin funding in the cryptocurrency sector. The GmbH was founded in 2017 and since then provides the world's leading online platform for the automation of crypto and fiat currencies on all relevant margin funding exchanges.

Added to portfolio 07. Feb 2019
Coinlend GmbH
Carl-Reiß-Platz 11
68165 Mannheim

Collinor Software (Exit)

According to market surveys Collinor IRP is one of the leading Project Management Systems in the Enterprise Area and due various interfaces (above all to SAP) specially designed for midsized and big companies.

Added to portfolio 27. Feb 2007
Ubierring 11
50678 Köln

commercetools (Exit)

commercetools offers an eCommerce API development platform that enables future commerce business models. Administer, develop and deploy your commerce project through a flexible cloud solution

Exit since August 2014. Purchaser: REWE Digital.

Sector: e-Commerce
In portfolio 07. Sep 2006 – 28. Aug 2014
Adams-Lehmann-Str. 44
80797 München


CommSolid is the cellular IP company providing leading edge ultra-low power solutions for the growing IoT market. This market demands highly optimized and easy to integrate communication solutions for the NB-IoT standard, allowing every sensor to be directly connected to the Internet. Once integrated into customer integrated circuits (ICs), CommSolid’s baseband IP enables smart applications that modernize and enrich our life in areas like health care, smart home, transport, logistic systems, or industrial applications. Leveraging the experience of more than a decade at the forefront of the wireless communication business, we have unique capabilities to handle high volume and extremely integrated low power solutions.

In portfolio 11. May 2016 – 21. Nov 2018
Adams-Lehmann-Str. 44
80797 München